Divine Invitation compilation album by Altaria was released on May 25th 2007. The compilation is a mid-price release made for fans. Due to the high demand and ongoing requests for the songs of the completely sold out first two albums of the band, Invitation (2003) and Divinity (2004), the idea came up to make the best five songs each available again, to introduce new singer Marco Luponero with two brand new songs and add another seven bonus tracks which originally appeared on the band's sought after demos Sleeping Visions (2001) and Feed The Fire (2002).

Track listing Edit

  1. Fire & Ice
  2. Unchain The Rain
  3. Darkened Highlight
  4. History Of Times To Come
  5. Try To Remember
  6. Unicorn
  7. Prophet Of Pestilence
  8. Ravenwing
  9. Innocent
  10. Final Warning
  11. Keeper Of Mystique
  12. Ball & Chain
  13. Fire & Ice (Demo 2001)
  14. Innocent (Demo 2001)
  15. Kingdom Of The Night (Demo 2001)
  16. Unicorn (Demo 2002)
  17. History Of Times To Come (Demo 2002)
  18. Immortal Disorder (Demo 2002)
  19. Emerald Eye (Demo 2002)

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