Artist: Liz Phair

Album: Exile In Guyville

Appears On (Mixes): The Boys And Girls Are Lifting Up Their Plates

Song Notes: This is probably my favorite song from this really obscure album called Exile In Guyville by this really obscure singer, Liz Phair. I know, I know, right now, you're thinking "MAN, why does this guy just keep digging up all these old, weird records that no one ever knows or cares about", but I really hope you'll bear with me on this one. A cool song, oddly enough, about the falling apart of a relationship. I got to see Liz Phair last night in Seattle, and it was a pretty good show; the opener (Missy Higgins) was OK, but Liz Phair was pretty cool. It took her a little while to get going (or, rather, she was always on, but the band seemed a little... disinterested for the first part of the set. They soon got into it, though, and that was cool. Surprisingly, she played a lot of stuff from the first three records; very little from the self-titled (which I like quite a bit), and only a couple from the new one, too (which I haven't heard, but am wanting to pick up). So, that was odd, but pretty cool, because I like the old songs a lot. I've heard her new one sort of splits the difference between the ultra-glossy self-titled one (which is full of good songs, but the production wears a little—but not too awfully much; I enjoy it quite a bit) and the indie stuff on Matador. So, that's cool. Anyway, though, she did this one last night, which is great, because I love it. If she's coming to your town, you could do worse than to check it out, y'know? (And apparently she's stopped doing the "guitar-change-for-every-song" that I guess she did on the last tour, according to a friend of mine who saw her on that one, she had a veritable army of guitars that she literally changed between after every song. This time, she just had the two guitars, one electric, one acoustic, and she'd just swap back and forth occasionally. Anyway, it was pretty awesome. So dig this song, because I know no one here has ever, ever heard it before. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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