Djupa andetag (Deep Breaths) is an album by Frida (formerly of ABBA), released in 1996. Recorded in the Polar Music Studio, Stockholm. The lyrics are in Swedish. The album went to #1 in Sweden. Lead single from the album was "Även En Blomma" ("Even A Flower"). "Djupa Andetag" is included in the Frida Box Set. The promotion videos and clips from this album can be seen in the 3½ hour documentary Frida the dvd. Some of the songs has been re-mixed and are presented in Frida - The Mixes.

After a few years in the early '90s, as chairperson for the Swedish organisation "Det Naturliga Steget-Artister För Miljön" (The Natural Step-Artists For The Environment), Frida decided to record again. This is a mature album with lyrics dealing with both "inner personal environment" as well as the environment and the nature surrounding us. At the time of recording, Frida did not want the attention an international release would bring and she also felt for singing in her mother tongue again, so the album was recorded in Swedish and released in Scandinavia only. Nowadays, however, the album is to be found everywhere. A one hour documentary of the making and recording of this album + the videoclips, can be seen in Frida the dvd, including interviews with Frida and producerAnders Glenmark.

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Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. "Älska mig alltid"
  2. "Ögonen"
  3. "Även en blomma"
  4. "Sovrum"
  5. "Hon fick som hon ville"
  6. "Alla mina bästa år" (Duet with Marie Fredriksson)
  7. "Lugna vatten"
  8. "Vem kommer såra vem ikväll?"
  9. "Sista valsen med dig"
  10. "Kvinnor som springer"


  • Frida originally asked Agnetha Fältskog to record "Alla mina bästa år" with her but Agnetha declined citing fear of ABBA reunion rumours.
  • Frida wrote the lyrics of "Kvinnor Som Springer" ("Women Who Run") after she read Women who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, because it inspired her so much. It is one of the few songs she's written in her entire career.

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