"Do Ya Dance" is a song by rapper AJG produced by General Phresh. There are also two demo versions of the song by AJG and Chris Burch. One being "Do Ya Dance" from AJG's 2007 summer mixtape "Show Me My Opponent" and the other being Do Ya Dance Pt. 2 which was a scrap song from the leaked mixtape "Day N Tha Lyfe" both of which will be featured on the Internet Independence mixtape.

Chris Burch & AJG have confirmed to have start work on Do Ya Dance Pt. 3 for Chris's debut studio album due out Late 2008/Early 2009.

D Shady/Cross VersionEdit

There is another version of the song by rapper Cross featuring D Shady on the hook. It will be on The Naked Truth Ch.1. There is also another version with Infamy also featuring Cross.

Alternate VersionEdit

The Do Ya Dance series is originally by AJG and Chris Burch and they currently have 2 volumes and are working on a 3rd.

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