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"Doctor Jones" was the fifth single to be released by the Scandinavian dance-pop group Aqua overall, and the second UK release. The single is their second United Kingdom number one. The follow-up to their most successful song "Barbie Girl" in many places, "Doctor Jones" was a similarly pop-oriented hit which sold well across the globe and ended the assumptions that Aqua would be a one-hit wonder.

"Doctor Jones" was released around the world in a number of months, with the first release being in October 1997. Most of the releases would be in November 1997, with it hitting the charts in Japan, Scandinavia and mainland Europe in that month. December 1997 saw the Australian release achieve a successful chart placing, before the song made its impact in the UK in February of the following year.

The video for "Doctor Jones" suggests the song is based around the Indiana Jones character from the film trilogy of the same name, with René Dif playing Jones and rescuing his fellow band members from a stereotypical voodoo tribe. The video was one of five Aqua-videos directed by Peder Pedersen.

In Japan, "Doctor Jones" was released along with "Lollipop (Candyman)".

Track listings Edit

Australia Edit

  1. "Doctor Jones" (Radio Edit) [03:22]
  2. "Doctor Jones" (Extended Version) [05:10]
  3. "Barbie Girl" (Extended Version) [05:14]
  4. "My Oh My" (Club Version) [07:00]
  5. "Barbie Girl" (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel 12" Mix) [08:37]

United Kingdom Edit

CD 1 Edit
  1. "Doctor Jones" (Radio Edit) [03:22]
  2. "Doctor Jones" (Extended Mix) [05:13]
  3. "Doctor Jones" (Adrenalin Club Mix) [06:21]
  4. "Doctor Jones" (Molella and Phil Jay Mix) [05:19]
  5. "Doctor Jones" (Anti loop Club Mix) [10:00]
  6. "Doctor Jones" (D-Bop Prescription Mix) [08:02]
CD 2 Edit
  1. "Doctor Jones" (Radio Edit) [03:22]
  2. "Doctor Jones" (Metro 7's Edit) [03:36]
  3. "Doctor Jones" (Metro's X-Ray Dub) [06:22]
  4. "Doctor Jones" (Metro's Full CD-Rom Video)
Cassette Edit
  1. "Doctor Jones" (Radio Edit) [03:22]
  2. "Doctor Jones" (Extended Mix) [05:15]
VHS Video Promo Edit
  1. "Doctor Jones" (Video) [03:23]

Scandinavia Edit

CD Single Edit
  1. "Doctor Jones" (Radio Edit) [03:22]
  2. "Doctor Jones" (Extended Mix) [05:13]
  3. "Doctor Jones" (Adrenalin Club Mix) [06:21]
  4. "Doctor Jones" (Molella and Phil Jay Mix) [05:19]
  5. "Doctor Jones" (MPJ Speed Dub) [5:35]
  6. "Doctor Jones" (Antiloop Club Mix) [10:00]
  7. "Doctor Jones" (D-Bop Prescription Mix) [08:02]
12" Vinyl Edit

Side A

  1. "Doctor Jones" (Original Extended Mix)

Side B

  1. "Doctor Jones" (E-Motion Lost Ark Mix)

Japan Edit

  1. "Lollipop (Candyman)" [03:37]
  2. "Lollipop (Candyman)" (Original Extended Mix) [05:26]
  3. "Doctor Jones" (Radio Edit) [03:23]
  4. "Doctor Jones" (Extended Version) [05:10]

European 12" Vinyl Edit

Side A

  1. "Doctor Jones" (Antiloop Club Mix) [10:00]

Side B

  1. "Doctor Jones" (Adrenalin Club Mix) [06:21]
  2. "Doctor Jones" (Metro's X-Ray Dub) [06:22]

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