Artist: Snowglobe

Date Released:

Label: Makeshift

Produced By:


There is absolutely no reason why this record should not be on Elephant 6, and while we are on the subject, it should have also been made in Athens, GA. Formed by high-school friends, Tim Regan and Brad Postlethwaite, Snowglobe is an indie pop quintet coining their sound with a number of instruments and a diverse collection of songs. Their mini-rock orchestra consists of guitars, drums, cello, violin, mellotron, synths, trumpet, flute and more. The songs are frequently change tempo, usually from a trotting pop ballad to a full on symphony blow-out capped with a wailing trumpet or electric guitar freak-out. They also have a tendency to dive into folk and a number of other genres, but always returning to chamber pop. Overall it is a pretty good album, that lags a bit at time, but extremely fun. This may be not quite up to Elephant 6 standards, but it is definitely on that path. Michael Ardaiolo

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