Artist: AJG feat. Young Cash & Exampl

Song: Dolla After Dolla

Album: Show Me My Opponent

Date Released: 7/01/07

Produced by: Crack Status Productions


AJG had announced the final single was to be released on July 1st. AJG had said he released all 3 singles before the album dropped because this is a promotion stunt. He wanted to get a couple of the tracks out and show people what the new tracks were going to sound like. He also stated there was 5 songs that were already leaked (Stay On Top, Stay On Top Remix, Find Me In The Club, Dolla After Dolla & Do Ya Dance) and 3 of them happened to be the singles, however this proved to be false as he released Heart of I.E. and unofficially Bone-A-Fide Hustla.

The track itself never managed to rank as high as AJG's previous singles but managed to chart top 20.

Previous SingleEdit

Find Me In The Club

Next SingleEdit

Heart of I.E.

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