Domino Effect is an industrial-rap group with members from both New York and California. One of joe DOE's side projects, the group recorded and released two albums in 2003 and 2004. Mostly inactive since, the future of this group remains unclear.


Domino Effect began as an online collaboration project between joe DOE (based out of New York) and TechMage (based out of California). After a few months of working together over the internet, DOE moved out to California to finish the album that was taking shape. With the recruitment of Tech's sister, Jinre, to sing on some of the tracks, Domino Effect released Fuck Pop in 2003. The album was a raw mix of hip hop, industrial, and (strangely enough) pop. Jinre quickly lost interest in the project, but the remaining two members toured in support of the release. It received little attention, and DOE moved back to New York.

In the summer of 2004, DOE went back to California for another small tour, trying to promote his own solo work as well as Domino Effect. Still unhappy with the lack of response to the group, DOE once again went home. In October 2004, Tech took a trip out to New York, and they recorded their second album It's Official, We've Lost Our Fucking Minds. The new tracks were more intricate, both lyrically and musically, showing Domino Effect's artistic progress. However, with no tour this time, the album went virtually unheard. Shortly thereafter, DOE and TechMage practically lost contact with each other for nearly four years.

In 2008, Domino Effect took a shot at a reunion. DOE took yet another trip out to California. They played a number of shows and made some enduring contacts (DOE would later collaborate with Sacramento artist Cadaver), but a lack of time to invest in the efforts rendered the return of Domino Effect minimal at best. Only one new track was recorded, and it was not officially released.

Concerning the future of Domino Effect, DOE has stated "it is highly unlikely that Domino Effect will ever record any new material." He has suggested the possibility of Sykophunk Productions re-releasing the albums in the future. For now, it would seem that Domino Effect is an archived memory in the story of DOE's journey.


Past MembersEdit

  • Jinre



  • It's Official, We've Lost Our Fucking Minds (2004)
  • Fuck Pop (2003)

External LinksEdit

Domino Effect on Myspace

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