Don't Stand Me Down is the third studio album by Dexys Midnight Runners, released in September 1985.


In an interview with HitQuarters saxophonist Nick Gatfield described the recording as a "long drawn out painful process". It marked a telling and troubling shift from "Too-Rye-Ay", as unlike that record, which was made very inexpensively and "had an energy about it", "Don't Stand Me Down" cost a huge amount of money and, according to Gatfield, "felt uncomfortable and unnatural".

Track listing[edit]Edit

Original 1985 version[edit]Edit

  1. "The Occasional Flicker" (Kevin Rowland) – 5:49
  2. "This Is What She's Like" (Billy Adams, Helen O'Hara, Rowland) – 12:23
  3. "Knowledge of Beauty" (O'Hara, Rowland, Wynne) – 7:01
  4. "One of Those Things" (Rowland) – 6:01
  5. "Reminisce Part Two" (Rowland) – 3:31
  6. "Listen to This" (Adams, Rowland) – 3:19
  7. "The Waltz" (Rowland, Torch) – 8:21

The Director's Cut[edit]Edit

    1. "Kevin Rowland's 13th Time" (Adams, O'Hara, Rowland) – 5:05
    2. "The Occasional Flicker" (Rowland) – 5:49
    3. "This Is What She's Like" (Adams, O'Hara, Rowland) – 12:23
    4. "My National Pride" (O'Hara, Rowland, Wynne) – 7:01
    5. "One of Those Things"(LeRoy Marinell, Rowland, Waddy WachtelWarren Zevon) – 6:01
    6. "Reminisce (Part Two)" (Rowland) – 3:31
    7. "I Love You (Listen to This)" (Adams, Rowland) – 3:19
    8. "The Waltz" (Rowland, Torch) – 8:21
    • "One of Those Things" has a riff taken from Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London". For the 1997 re-release, Rowland admitted in the liner notes that he had used the riff and consequently Zevon and his cowriters, LeRoy Marinell and Waddy Wachtel were given writing credits on the song.
    • "Reminisce (Part Two)" includes "I'll Say Forever My Love" (James Dean, William Weatherspoon, Stephen Bowden).


    • Kevin Rowland — Bass, Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Producer, Liner Notes
    • Billy Adams — Guitar, Vocals, Producer
    • Helen O'Hara — Violin, Vocals, Producer
    • "Big" Jim Paterson — Trombone
    • Nick Gatfield — Saxophone, Vocals
    • Vincent Crane — Piano
    • Tim Dancy — Drums
    • Julian Littman — Mandolin
    • Tom Evans — Steel Guitar
    • Robert Noble — Organ, Synthesizer
    • John "Rhino" Edwards — Bass
    • Crusher Green — Drums on Listen to This
    • Mick Boulton — Piano on The Waltz
    • Randy Taylor — Bass on Knowledge of Beauty
    • Woody Woodmansey — Drums on The Waltz
    • Peter Barrett — Cover Design
    • Kim Knott — Photography
    • Claire Mueller — Photography
    • Jack Hazan — Director
    • Arun Chakraverty — Engineer (reissue)
    • Nigel Reeve — Project Coordinator (reissue)

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