Artist: Yoko Ono

Album: Fly

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: I actually had the idea to post this in a dream. In the dream, I talked about the Magical Misery Tour piece from National Lampoon's Radio Hour (or, one of the records actually), where it's pieced together from John Lennon interviews. One of the lines in there is "'Don't Worry Kyoko' was one of the best fucking rock 'n' roll records ever made!" and in the dream I argued that it in fact was. After all, it's got a great, hummable riff, and the sheer emotion in the lyrics and vocal performance is as impassioned as, well, anything. I think I had one other point w/r/t/ what people think of Rock 'n' Roll is that's exemplified by this recording, but I've forgotten it, now. After all, it WAS a dream. Anyway, though, this song really is great, and it's actually pretty sad—it's about Yoko's daughter who was abducted by her ex-husband who got really deep into born-again Christianity and decided that Yoko was a Bad Influence or whatever. Yoko recorded this song for her in hopes that she'd hear it and be comforted that her mother was still looking for her and loved her. Yoko didn't see her for almost 30 years—she was abducted in 1971, and they got back in touch in 1998. - Rev. Syung Myung Me