Don Giovanni (KV527) is an opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in two acts to a libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte. The opera is on 14 October 1787 first performed in Prague on the occasion of the wedding of a niece of Emperor Joseph II, but the official premiere was on 29 October that same year.

After a year the opera was staged in Vienna at the express request of Joseph II who never got to see the opera. The opera didn't catch on with the public in Vienna and was performed only a few times, despite attempts by Mozart and Da Ponte to the opera.

' Don Giovanni ' is still regularly performed in the larger opera houses. The opera belongs, together with Così fan tutte and Le Nozze di Figaro, Mozart's ' big three ' to the Italian.

One of the most remarkable performances of the opera, the film adaptation by Joseph Losey, which in various locations in Venice and Vicenza (including Palladio's Teatro Olimpico ) is included. The villa "La Rotonda" (also of the architect Palladio) plays a prominent role in this atmospheric film adaptation.


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Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

  • Don Giovanni, young nobleman, womanizer- baritone
  • Donna Anna, Don Ottavio's fiance- soprano
  • Donna Elvira, abandoned by Don Giovanni-soprano
  • Leporello, servant of Don Giovanni- bass
  • Don Ottavio, Donna Anna's fiancé- tenor
  • Zerlina, Masetto, bride of a farmer's daughter-soprano
  • Masetto, Zerlina's a farm boy, the groom-bass
  • Il Commendatore, Commander and father of Donna Anna-bass


Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.

The story is based on the myth of Don Juan.

First company[Edit]Edit

Donna Anna Don Giovanni seduces, but takes great strides to her taste and is been driven out of the House where he was secretly crept in. The father of Anna, Il Commendatore, Don Giovanni and the two touching in a sword fight. The Commendatore and Don Giovanni to the ground mortally wounded deposit flight, along with his servant Leporello. Donna Anna demands of her fiance Don Ottavio he avenges the death of her father.

Don Giovanni has a crush on all women so also on the peasant girl Zerlina. But sometimes he forgets that he has left some ladies once already and that this is not appreciated. So he meets Donna Elvira, with whom he had had a relationship, which, of course, angry at him and Zerlina in protection quickly. Masetto, who by now has heard of the Don Giovanni's seduction attempts towards his girlfriend, is furious but is calmed by Zerlina and waives further steps.

On one of the parties of Don Giovanni, Leporello Masetto is once more to distract so Giovanni may try to entice Zerlina. Elvira, Anna and Ottavio also come at the party, masked, because they want to confront Don Giovanni with its crime and its disgraceful way of life. After a hard cry of Zerlina outside image probably is assaulted, explains Giovanni toegesnelde attendees, including the masked guests, that he has done nothing, but that he will punish his servant Leporello for his misdeeds. Of course nobody believes him and Elvira, Anna and Ottavio and now also will take revenge now promise each other to really Masetto.

Second company[Edit]Edit

Leporello, the servant, actually no longer feels safe with his master and wants to leave him, but he is quickly showing bribed by Don Giovanni with an extra salary. Because Giovanni thinks he's more chances at the maid of Donna Elvira Leporello, Exchange if he dresses himself as a servant and Giovanni of clothes. Giovanni meet on street Masetto and a group of armed villagers who are planning to Don Giovanni. They recognize him not, and Giovanni as Leporello, dressed up, promises to help them to bring life to his ' master '. As the villagers are sent to search in all directions and Giovanni only is he gives him a hard blow with Masetto, and flight.

Leporello, dressed as Giovanni, has its task to divert to Elvira and Elvira is taken very seriously back in the clouds. As he finally sees the opportunity to sneak by Elvira, Zerlina and Masetto, Ottavio and Anna come later. Who all think he Don Giovanni and Leporello sees still just to reveal his true identity and opportunity.

Giovanni and Leporello meet again at a cemetery near the grave of the Commendatore and Don Giovanni calls against a human-size image on the Tomb that the Commendatore is invited for a meal. The image accepts the invitation with a nod of the head.

During supper by Giovanni, operated by Elvira, Leporello dashes in and begs him to adapt his lifestyle, but he refuses even to listen. If they leave, saves them a hard cry and Leporello goes on research. He finds the statue at the door and repeatedly demands the image of Don Giovanni that he changes his ways, his life and invites him to go along to dine with him. Don Giovanni refuses to change his life, but time and time again to come dine says. He is engulfed by flames from hell.

If the smoke is gone come Anna, Elvira, Ottavio, Zerlina and Masetto along with a number of police officers to arrest within to Don Giovanni. Leporello describes what happened; Don Giovanni is Avenged for his actions. Anna and Ottavio married after a year, Elvira, Zerlina and Masetto is the monastery in go home together and Leporello goes into the pub in search of a better master.


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Don Giovanni-the overture of Don Giovanni(download/info)

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