Artist: Exampl

Date Released: End of 2007

Label: SB Records

Length: TBA

Produced By: Exampl


Exampl has stated that his new LP, "Doomsday" will be released sometime the end of '07. He has said that this is more of a solo project than anything he has done. Everything on this is him. Nobody else. Alot of people are thinking the album will flop due to lack of guest appearances but Exampl is sticking with his high-hopes.

Exampl has already started work on the project and hopes to get done with it before Fall, but he's not making any promises.

"I've done alot this year. In Progress, Rough Draft, More Fire Than Hell and I even got alot of work on AJG's new mixtape, Show Me My Opponent, so I'm basically feeling invincible, in a sense. I'm not really gonna go jump off a building or shoot myself in the head, c'mon now that's crazy talk...okay maybe I could shoot myself in the head and live to tell about it but jumping off a building, nah! That could never happen!"

Rumored TracksEdit

  • "I'll Be Back" (feat. Arnold Schwarznegger)

Previous AlbumEdit

More Fire Than Hell

Next AlbumEdit

An Arsonal

Further readingEdit

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