Double Cupped & Swisher Blunts
Mixtape by AJG
Released Summer 2014
Recorded Mar. '12 - Mar. '14

SB Records Recordings
(Rialto, CA)

Genre Rap/Hip-Hop/Pop/R&B
Length 80:00
Label SB Records
Producer AJG
AJG chronology
Free Mason
Double Cupped & Swisher Blunts

Double Cupped & Swisher Blunts is an upcoming mixtape from American rapper AJG, scheduled for release Summer 2014 on SB Records . This will be his first mixtape where he will be producing the entire mixtape.


AJG reportedly first started working on the mixtape right after the re-release of his Free Mason mixtape in April of 2012. At the time, the mixtape was to be released through SB Records and AJG's new promo team Legendary Records until Legendary and AJG had a falling out the following year. The mixtape is to be entirely produced by AJG and is going to be a full 80 minutes. In September of 2012, AJG released the first promo single "BowFlex" which featured Riverside rapper One-Six. Soon afterward, in order to promote himself and keep his name relevant, he also released verses on A$AP Rocky's "Fucking Problem" and Drake's "Started From The Bottom". It wasn't until April 10th, 2013 when AJG released the lead single & title track "Double Cupped & Swisher Blunts", following it up with a music video on June 21st. In between BowFlex & Double Cupped & Swisher Blunts, AJG also released a promo video for a song titled "Work", directed by Mikey O English and a demo version of a track called "Turnt", both of which wont appear on the final tracklist of the mixtape. In July, AJG released a soundcloud-only promo track titled "Cypher$#!+" featuring Exampl, which would later be replaced with an updated version also featuring Mikey O English that September. AJG spent the remainder of the summer & fall working on the mixtape. After having pushed back his release dates numerous times, the mixtape was ultimately slated for Summer of 2014. The mixtape is set to be released through Coast 2 Coast mixtapes and receive several promotional & distribution services.


  1. BowFlex ft One-Six (09.01.12)
  2. Double Cupped & Swisher Blunts (06.21.13)
  3. Cypher$#!+ ft Exampl & Mikey O English (09.07.13)
  4. Codeine Cups ft The Weeknd (12.14.13)
  5. XII XL VI ft Raheem Amir (02.15.14)

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