Double Exposure is an American disco era band hailing from Philadelphia, USA.

Double Exposure are James Williams, Joseph Harris, Charles Whittington and Leonard 'Butch' Davis, who were originally called 'United Image' back in the 1960s. They have been singing together since junior high school and have remained friends ever since. They recorded for the Salsoul record label.

On December 11, 1975, at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia, Pa, Double Exposure began recording what would become one of the most successful albums ever to come out of the Philly music empire.

Their 1976 album Ten Percent featured a pair of major club hits, with the title track's remix by Walter Gibbons being the first commercially available 12-inch single.

Before signing to Salsoul, the band were known as United Image and recorded on the Stax Records label.

In 2001, a dance group called M&S used samples from Double Exposure's "Everyman" in their song called "Salsoul Nugget". Songs include "My Love Is Free".

The group are currently, as of September 2008, recording new material, including an Eli/Dixon/Green composition called 'Soul Recession'/Soultronics Records at Eli's 'Studio E' facility in Philadelphia. Some original Salsoul/Philly/TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)/MFSB (Gamble and Huff) session musicians have appeared on 'Soul Recession', including Earl Young (drummer)Bobby Eli, Dennis Harris, T G Conway, Jimmy Williams & Rikki Hicks. There is an anticipated CD/12" release soon with a number of tracks and alternative mixes, including ones by legendary mixers Tom Moulton and John Morales.

Partial discography[edit]Edit


  • Ten Percent (Salsoul, 1976)
  • Fourplay (Salsoul, 1978)
  • Locker Room (Salsoul, 1979)


  • Ten Percent (Salsoul, released on CD in 1994 by Bethlehem Music Company Inc, Cat # 20-1004-2)

This version of the Ten Percent LP includes (as track 8) a bonus track remix of "My Love Is Free"

  • The Anthology (Salsa, 2005, Cat # SALSA CD 028)

This release spans 2 CDs, and is housed in a triple page digi-sleeve, complete with extensive notes on the band and their 3 albums, their career, the remixes, and the musicians on all 3 releases. Also included is information on how their sound(s) influenced various remixers, which resulted in snippets of their (best-known) recordings finding their way as backing tracks for others bands, remixers and artists.

CD One - Double Exposure and Fourplay

CD Two - Locker Room and the 12" Mixes

The five remixes form the last five tracks on CD Two. They are:

1. "Ten Percent" - Original Walter Gibbons 12" Mix 9:42

2. "My Love Is Free" - Original Tom Moulton 12" Mix 8:05

3. "Ten Percent" - Original Masters at Work 12" Remix 10:37

4. "My Love Is Free" - Original Frankie Knuckles 12" Remix 5:44

5. "Everyman" - Original Joe Cloussell 12" Remix 9:56

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