Down in Front is an American rock band formed in 2013 in the San Francisco Bay Area, whose members include Japa Kaur, Julie Andrews, and Deona "STX" Parfet. The band is known for its unique and eclectic style, which fuses elements of rock, folk, bluegrass, country, and a touch of the blues,

Formation (2013)Edit

Down in Front was born on a beach in Baja, California where Julie and Japa set goals and made a plan. Shortly after they brought drummer Deona Parfet into the group and the band began rehearsing and performing regularly throughout the Bay Area. One of their first standing gigs was as a house band for a monthly event called Charlie Horse at the "Eagle Tavern" in San Francisco. The band went on to perform in Sacramento, Sierraville, Lake Tahoe, and other venues in the Bay Area including "El Rio" and "The Starry Plough"

The First Album (April 2014)Edit

The band began recording at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco in the fall of 2013 and released their debut album, "Down in Front does The Donut Shop" in the spring of 2014.

File:Down in Front does The Donut Shop.jpg

Down in Front does The Donut ShopEdit

Songs written by Japa Kaur, except where noted.

  1. "The Donut Shop"
  2. "One Kiss, Tommy"
  3. "Fallen for You"
  4. "The Moth"
  5. "Diamond" *
  6. "Train Song" *
  7. "Sugarlime"
  8. "Ganga River"
  9. "White Rabbit" **
  10. "Kiss Down Noriega"
  11. "My Bible Smells like Whiskey"

Rise of the Band (2014 to the present)Edit

Following the release of the album, the band toured again in the Sacramento/Lake Tahoe area and also on the Pacific coast in Point Arena and Gualala, CA. In September, the band hosted an official CD release party at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. The band continues to be active in and around the Bay Area while preparing songs for their next album.

Band lineupsEdit

Julie & Japa

The Eagle Tavern, San Francisco

  • Japa Kaur – guitar, bass, keyboard, banjo, vocals
  • Julie Andrews – guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, vocals
  • Deona "STX" Parfet – drums


  • Down in Front does The Donut Shop (2014)

External linksEdit

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