Artist: The Minus 5

Date Released: 2003

Label: Yep Roc

Produced By: Scott McCaughey & Jeff Tweedy


  1. The Days Of Wine And Booze
  2. Retrieval Of You
  3. That's Not The Way That It's Done
  4. The Town That Lost Its Groove Supply
  5. Daggers Drawn
  6. Where Will You Go?
  7. Life Left Him There
  8. The Family Gardener
  9. The Old Plantation
  10. What I Don't Believe
  11. View From Below
  12. I'm Not Bitter
  13. Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit)
  14. Lyrical Stance (I've Got A)
  15. Formerly Hail Centurion
  16. One More Bottle To Go
  17. Something Or Nothing
  18. The Days Of Wine And Booze

(Tracks 14-18 only available on the LP version.)


If you haven't noticed, The Minus 5 have really hit their stride and on this album, The Minus 5 have been joined by Wilco (hence the name). The songs are almost all written by Scott McCaughey, though, so Wilco fans were a little disappointed if they were expecting a new Wilco record. (Luckily, The Minus 5 are much better than Wilco, so...) Jeff Tweedy co-wrote some of the songs and sang "The Family Gardener". Like Let The War Against Music Begin's "Got You", "Retrieval Of You" is a great, great supergreat song that would make the album worth buying even if it weren't for all the other great songs (like the old Young Fresh Fellows rarity re-recorded, "I'm Not Bitter"). Thanks to the Wilco connection, this album is the easiest to find, and a dandy place to start. The LP has a bunch of bonus tracks, though most of them were put out on the At The Organ EP. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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