Dr. Feelgood are a British rock/blues band formed in 1971. The name comes from a blues song with the same title by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, originally recorded in 1962 by Willie Perryman (also known as "Piano Red") who recorded the song "Dr Feel-good" under the pseudonym "Dr. Feelgood & The Interns".


[hide]*1 Biography


Starting Period[Edit]Edit

The childhood friends Lee CollinsonChris White and John Sparkes were inspired during a concert by Howlin' Wolf and Collinson learned to play the harmonica. Chris White, who are name changes to Chris Fenwick, goes to drama school and is actor. He Later used his connections to get the band to Netherlands, where they eventually break through. As Chris "Whitey" Fenwick then he is the manager of the band.

Collinson changes name to Lee Brilleaux. Lee and John know guitarist Wilko Johnson "John" Wilkinson to bows and through him they come in contact with John "The Big Figure" Martin. This is the first line up a fact.


Lee Brilleaux, the last original member, died of cancer on april 7, 1994; at his request, the band continued to occur, initially with Pete Gage as a singer.

On 9 January 2013, it was announced that at Wilko Johnson Terminal pancreatic cancer has been established. Still bustling with the energy he started in March to a farewell tour in which he was a guest at the 22nd Madness when the nutty boys-on-age BBC farewell-building. This concert took place in the cold outside air making Johnson fell ill and had to break off his tour. Johnson is still alive; He has released a cd with singer Roger Daltrey Who-and a new tour planned which he will make his appearance for the second time at a charity by Madness singer Suggs.



Album (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Album Top 100

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Down by the Jetty January 1975
Malpractice October 1975
Stupidity september 1976
Sneakin' Suspicion May 1977
Be Seeing You september 1977 First album with guitarist Gypie Mayo as
Private Practice september 1978
As It Happens June 1979 Live album
Let It Roll september 1979 with the assistance of Steve Gregory on tenor and Alto Saxophone, ' Shotgun ' Roy Davies on organ, and Mike Deacon and Geraint Watkins onpiano

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