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Dreams of Endless War is the debut album by the Finnish Melodic death metal band Norther. It was released on July 18, 2002 by Spinefarm Records. The songs; "Victorious One" and "Endless War" are demo songs from Warlord, while the song "Warlord" from the demo was renamed as "Endless War" and are identical tracks. "Released" was released as a single and made into a music video.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Darkest Time" − 6:10
  2. "Last Breath" − 5:01
  3. "Released" − 4:08
  4. "Endless War" − 6:49
  5. "Dream" − 4:34
  6. "Victorious One" − 5:44
  7. "Nothing Left" − 4:22
  8. "The Last Night" − 2:18
  9. "Final Countdown" (Europe cover) – 4:22
  10. "Youth Gone Wild" (Skid Row cover Japanese Bonus Track) − 3:02

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