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Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Boston, MA

Website Link(s): [ Official Sit


  • [[Importan
  • [[Roadrunne
  • 8 Ft.


  • [[Punk Cabare
  • [[Cabare


Band MembersEdit

  • [[Amanda Palme
  • [[Brian Viglion

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Band BiographyEdit

The Dresden Dolls are a rock duo from Boston (which features in their songs quite a bit), with Amanda Palmer on piano and vocals and Brian Viglione on drums. Though some speculate that these two are a romantic couple, this fact is made purposely unclear; when asked about it directly, the band has replied that they are "a couple of freaks." [1] They classify their musical style as "Brectian Goth Punk Cabaret" and have been associated with the [[Dark Cabare genre. They've got quite a following, including opening up for [[Nine Inch Nail as well as [[Panic! at the Disc on tour.





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Mix CDsEdit

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Further readingEdit

  • [[Wikipedia:The Dresden Dolls|Wikipedia Pag[[Category: Artis

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