'Drown' on YouTube
BMTH - Drown
Studio single by Bring Me the Horizon
Released 3 November 2014
Genre Alternative rock, emo, pop punk
Length 3:41
Label Epitaph, RCA
Producer Jordan Fish, Oliver Sykes
Bring Me the Horizon chronology
"Can You Feel My Heart"

"Drown" is a song by the British rock band Bring Me the Horizon on October 21, 2014. Originally released as a stand alone single, a re-recorded version features on the band's fifth studio album That's the Spirit. The track, musically, marks a shift away from the band's previously established metalcore sound. Rather, it was described by critics as other types of rock, including alternative rock,[1] emo,[2] and pop punk,[3] also being described as "arena rock fire".[4]

Announcement and releaseEdit

The song was announced 13 October 2014 on the band's social media accounts.[5] The song leaked on 21 October 2014 on YouTube by accident because of a mistake by Epitaph Records, the band's United States record label.[6] It later premiered officially on BBC Radio 1 that same day. After it aired on BBC Radio 1, Oliver Sykes was interviewed by Zane Lowe.[7] It had been reported that "Drown" will not appear on any studio album from the band,[8] however the song was later announced to be track 9 on the 2015 album That's The Spirit,[9] albeit as a re-recorded version.

"Drown" was set to be released on iTunes on 7 December 2014. Though, in early October, Oliver Sykes began teasing lyrics in the form of photos on Twitter. He also posted a message stating if "#DROWN" started trending on Twitter, they would release the song sooner.[10] Drown was released on iTunes 3 November 2014 in North America[11] and on 7 December 2014 in the United Kingdom.[12] "Drown" was issued as a picture disc in the UK on 7 December. It was nominated for the Kerrang! Award for Best Single.[13]

Critical responseEdit

"Drown" has become a hit among many fans[14] and critics, though at the same time, some fans were upset with the departure of their usual metalcore sound and further deviation from the deathcore of the band's early years.[15]

If this is an indication of where its creators are headed come the next full length, another expectation-destroying release is imminent.
—Michael Bird,[16]

"Drown" is a prime example of Sykes' ability to write a catchy lyric.
—Kriston McConnell,[17]

"Drown" misses some of the vital hallmarks of the band's greatest work
—Alex Ekong,[18]

Music videoEdit

The Music video was released on October 21, 2014.


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