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Creator of the Mix: Aila

Initial Notes About The Mix: This Dub Club subject was actually a replacement, since the original theme, "political incorrectness/offensive music/stuff that you'd think twice about playing," didn't go over so well. So the theme for this was actually "B-Sides that should have been A-Sides." But I decided to make it a more broadly based thing with mine - so these are basically just "rarities" that I think should have been more widely known. Some of them probably aren't all that rare, quite a few actually were B-Sides, and a few of them were barely even released. - Aila


  1. Madness - In The City
  2. The Jesus And Mary Chain - I'm In With The Out Crowd
  3. The Pogues - Rake At The Gates Of Hell
  4. Care - Cymophane
  5. Mirah - Telescope
  6. Brian Eno - I Fall Up
  7. Sparks - Hey Skinny
  8. Echobelly - Mouth Almighty
  9. Concrete Blonde - Little Wing
  10. Ray Davies - Yours Truly Confused No. 10
  11. The Posies - Wiggly World
  12. Bjork - Verandi
  13. Sprites - This Girl Needed A Dog
  14. Harry Nilsson - UCLA
  15. Scott McCaughey - Sittin' Round Doin' Nothin'
  16. The Kinks - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
  17. Sleeper - Motorway Man (Artic Mix)

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