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Creator of the Mix: Buttontop

Initial Notes About The Mix:


  1. Erkin Koray - Kiskanirim
  2. Erkin Koray - Sen Yoksun Diye
  3. Cem Karaca - Demedim Mi?
  4. Unknown - Nampenda Jane
  5. Mbaraka Mwinshehe - Kifo Cha Pesa
  6. Shama Shama - Bakoko Basalisa
  7. Lovy du Zaire - Thomas Kinshasa Monoko
  8. Bantous de la Capitale - Luana
  9. African Music - Jose Na Decide
  10. Celestine Ukwu - Onwu Ama Eze
  11. Tunde Nightingale - A Gbogungboro
  12. Fatayi Rolling Dollar - Sisi Jaiyejaiye
  13. Stephen Osadebe - Onu Kwube

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