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Artist: The Poison Arrows

Date Released:

Label: File 13

Produced By:



Chicago’s Justin Sinkovich is what most of us music heads strive to be. He is/has been a member of Atombombpocketknife, Thumbnail and Sterling; founder/manager of and; head of File 13 Records; owns 4000+ records and a basement of secondhand keyboards, sequencers, pedals and effects. I know I’m jealous. You’d think Sinkovich would slow down, but quite the contrary. He is now putting his full attention into his newest solo project, The Poison Arrows. Utilizing a combination of electronics, noise, melody and songwriting, Sinkovich's sound is droning and meticulous but spatially gigantic. The final track is a remix by label-mate Martin Rev of Suicide. Remember though, this is only a preview of the full length which features remixes from everyone from N. Lannon to Jonathan Krienik (Trans Am, !!!, Hot Snakes). Michael Ardaiolo

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