by Earl Greyhound
Released October 5, 2004
Label Some


  1. Teenage Kidnap
  2. Welcome Back Father
  3. Not Gonna Wait
  4. Fashion


Every damn review I read about Earl Greyhound, a barely year-old trio out of the big NYC, compares their gritty power-pop 70s sound to T. Rex, Badfinger, Big Star and Queen. I mean those are the bands that really exemplified that sound and ol’ Earl Greyhound would have to be pretty damn good to live up to them. Well during the four songs I did raise my lighter to one of Matt Whyte’s guitar solos and I did unintentionally yell out “Free Bird!” at one point, but they still have a lot to prove. Not Gonna Wait is the standout track mostly because of the cowbell and the inevitable falsetto croon, but I am still not sold on the band. To make a difference, they are going to have to show more than just exemplifying a sound that has peaked 30 years ago. Michael Ardaiolo