Artist:Guided By Voices

Date Released:August 19, 2003


Produced By:?


  1. My Kind Of Soldier
  2. My Son, My Secretary And My Country
  3. She Goes Off At Night
  4. I'll Replace You With Machines
  5. Beat Your Wings
  6. Useless Inventions
  7. Dirty Water
  8. The Best Of Jill Hives
  9. Dead Cloud
  10. Mix Up The Sattelites
  11. The Main Street Wizards
  12. A Trophy Mule In Particular
  13. Apology In Advance
  14. Secret Star
  15. Of Mites And Men

Review:After the sonic bigness of the last album, Universal Truths And Cycles, we can see Dayton, Ohio's golden boys return to the semi-lo-fi sound that made them the indie gods that they are. (More to come)

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