Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Founded: 2002

Founded by: Scott Herren and Peter Rentz


Genre(s): Instrumental Hip-Hop, Pop, Ambient, Boonghee

Active RosterEdit

Inactive RosterEdit

Key ReleasesEdit


Eastern Developments is a forward-thinking, community oriented label started by Scott Herren (Prefuse 73, Savath & Savalas, Piano Overlord, Ahmad Szabo, La Corrección, Delarosa & Asora) and DJ/graphic designer Peter Rentz. Concentrating on putting out music of a certain creative aesthetic rather than a particular sound, the Atlanta based label has released styles ranging from the West African-derived Boonghee (which is onomatopoeia for the sound created) music of Hu Vibrational to the minimal atmospheric soundscapes created by Ahmad Szabo to the dreamy pop music of Bear in Heaven. Eastern Developments puts heavy emphasis on being a community and enlists all of the creative talent in the surrounding area that is willing to contribute. Notable contributers include Carolina Chaves, Ben Loiz, Carlos Niño and Paz Ochs.

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