Artist: Lateduster

Date Released: 2004

Label: Merck

Produced By:


  1. Shaker/Flicker
  2. Keno
  3. Grunting and Walking Around in a Circle
  4. Milovanova (for Vera)
  5. A Gallon of Hope
  6. Sonata
  7. Hospital No. 32
  8. Love Theme (From Variete)


When a group of innovative producers gang up to record an instrumental post-rock band, you have to take notice. Featuring members of Fog (Ninja Tune, Lex), Hymie’s Basement (Lex), Neotropic (Mush), Dosh (Anticon) and Sans Le Systeme, Lateduster has composed a gorgeous LP that pulls influences from their underground hip-hop background as well as minimalist post-rock and channels them through live instrumentation. Though the quintet has been around since 1999, it has gone sorely unnoticed; and with the sprouting individual careers of the key members, the band has finally received the attention they deserve. Easy Pieces is 8 tracks of a unique textural sound that is given the chance to develop and mature in no less than 4 and half minutes per song. Translation… you cannot find a bad cut on the album. Along the same lines as The Album Leaf and some of the quieter pyschedelia of the 70s, Lateduster will hold the attention of anyone into experimental, prog, post, and instrumental rock along with fans of underground hip-hop, electronica or beat oriented music. It is definitely worth a listen. Michael Ardaiolo