File:Eatit8 200.jpg
File:"Eat It" - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Eat It is a shot-for-shot parody remake of Michael Jackson's video for "Beat It". Parodied elements include the gang members at the beginning of the video make different noises after clicking their fingers, the gang leaders do not tie their hands up in rope, but rather hold a rubber chicken. Instead of switchblade knives, they have a switchblade fork and spoon and Yankovic gives the gang leaders something to eat before they burst into dance. Throughout the video, Yankovic imitates Jackson's dancing. At the end of the video, Yankovic drops two antacids in a glass of water, referencing a stomach ache from overeating and he is depicted with bulging yellow eyes, in reference to the ending sequence of Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

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