Artist: Various Artists

Date Released: May 9, 2006

Label: Numero Group

Produced By:


  1. L Hollis and The Mackadoos - Bui Bui
  2. Ed Henry - Your Replacement is Here
  3. Bob & Fred - Bob & Fred
  4. Soul President - Got to Have It
  5. Performers - Mini Skirt
  6. Mae Young - The Man Puts Sugar in My Soul
  7. Grand Prix's - You Drive Me Crazy
  8. Manhattens - The Feeling is Mutual
  9. Ms Tyree "Sugar" Jones - If You Feel It
  10. Essence - Fever
  11. Ed Henry - Crooked Woman
  12. Soul President - Get It Right
  13. Mae Young - Let's Give Our Love a Try
  14. Manhattens - Why Should I Cry
  15. Grand Prix's - I See Her Pretty Face
  16. L Hollis and The Mackadoos - Monkey Time Shine
  17. Sleepwalkers - Mini Skirt (Instrumental)
  18. Ms Tyree "Sugar" Jones - If You Feel It (Instrumental)
  19. Essence - Fever (Instrumental)


Chicago’s Numero Group may very well be the best product of the recent crate digging epidemic infecting music lovers and audiophiles everywhere for the last 10 years. America’s only counterpoint to the UK’s amazing Soul Jazz records, Numero has been bringing lost eclectic music out of dusty crates and into eager ears for three years now and the releases keep getting better and better. This next installment of the Eccentric Soul series highlights Detroit’s Big Mack label, a record studio that doubled as an ice cream truck dispatcher and gave everyday people a chance to record whatever they wished for the more than affordable price of $14.95. Imagined and brought to life by music lover/business man Ed McCoy, Big Mack recorded anyone who was able to pay the fee, and thanks to it’s prime location in Detroit, the funk/soul capitol of the late 60s, McCoy recorded some of the most infectious music of the time, though the boxes and boxes of homemade 45s were never given a chance lost deep in the shadows of Motown and other majors. This comp features 19 tracks of butter funk, sugary doo-wop, driving instrumentals and pristine soul-pop, all featuring that raw, unpolished sound that is cherished among crate diggers everywhere. Now 9 albums deep, Numero has not come close to letting us down. Mpardaiolo

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