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Founded: 1998

Headquarters: Long Island, NY

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Edison Glass is a Christian indie rock band from Long Island NY. The group consists of four members: [[Joshua Silverber (singer/guitarist), Josh "Mountain" Morin (singer/bassist), Joe Morin (drummer), and [[James Ushe (guitarist). They formed "[[Mannafes" in 1998, changing their name later to "Edison" in 2002, and then to "Edison Glass" in 2004, when Christian indie label Credential Recordings signed them. Their name is derived from two renowned people from the 1900s: Thomas Edison and [[Philip Glas.

The band has released three albums under the name "[[Mannafes", the first being "[[Downpour:Mannafest|Downpou" (no longer in print), the second called "The Solution", and the other titled "[[Thinking Clearly:Mannafest|Thinking Clearl." As "Edison", they released an EP called "[[Starting Over:Edison|Starting Ove." On December 10, 2004, Edison played a show where they released a demo CD entitled "[[The Last Goodbye:Edison|The Last Goodby", and made public the fact that they got signed to Credential Recordings. Edison Glass is slated to releasee a full-length album in spring 2006 titled "[[A Burn Or A Shiver:Edison Glass|A Burn Or A Shive", being produced by Brad Wood.



  • [[Downpour:Mannafest|Downpou
  • The Solution
  • [[Thinking Clearly:Mannafest|Thinking Clearl
  • [[The Last Goodbye:Edison|The Last Goodby
  • [[A Burn Or A Shiver:Edison Glass|A Burn Or A Shive


  • [[Starting Over:Edison|Starting Ove


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