Elãndør is a German Goth / Dark rock band, started in 2008 as solo project of Markus Kühnel. At year-end 2010, Elãndør became a three piece band.


Markus Kühnel started his solo project Elãndør in 2008. Dana Dukic were consulted for female background vocals for the first productions which were first released with the first album Kiss Of Doom, released in June 2010.

Markus Kühnel were also involved in band activities of Aunt Of Agony by becoming its vocalist until he left soon due to differences with other band members. At the year-end 2010 the solo project became a band. The band is active up to now.

In spring 2015 the fourth album Loveless Minds will be released.


  • Kiss Of Doom (Album, 2010)[1]
  • Symphony Of Twilight (Album, 2011)
  • Dark Asylum (Album, 2012)[2]
  • Tales Of Heart (EP, 2013)
  • Loveless Minds (Album, 2015)

Weblinks and referencesEdit

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  2. (de) Dark Asylum on

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