Date Released:October 20, 1998

Label: Dreamworks

Produced By: E


  1. Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor
  2. Going To Your Funeral, Pt. 1
  3. Cancer For The Cure
  4. My Descent Into Madness
  5. 3 Speed
  6. Hospital Food
  7. Electro-Shock Blues
  8. Efils' God
  9. Going To Your Funeral, Pt. 2
  10. Last Stop: This Town
  11. Baby Genius
  12. Climbing To The Moon
  13. Ant Farm
  14. Dead Of Winter
  15. The Medication Is Wearing Off
  16. P.S. You Rock My World


This, along with Souljacker is my favorite eels album. This is one of the sadder albums -- E wrote it after basically his entire family died (suicide and cancer), along with some friends. Understandably, E was depressed, and this is how he worked through it. There's a rough arc to the album, though it's less of a story arc and more of an emotional arc, starting at the exact bottom and finally coming around to "Maybe it's time to live". The thing I always found amusing is that E and Beck's voices are similar, and they get compared a lot—and where E's sad album written after everyone in his family died ends with a hopeful note, Beck's sad album, Sea Change, written after breaking up with his girlfriend, completely wallows in self-pity. It's just something that strikes me as funny. I don't think Sea Change is nearly as good, either—it's no Mutations or Midnite Vultures. But this is a review of an eels album, not a Beck album! Anyway, get Electro-Shock Blues. It's superb. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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