Ellison is an indie rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio, signed to Carbon Copy Media. What started as a recording project quickly manifested into a full band operation. In 2005 they released their first EP titled "Indecisive and Halfhearted," and in 2006 their first full-length CD, "Say Goodnight, Sleep Alone."


Josh Hill, a local songwriter, attempted to follow up his 2002 acoustic release “No More Words” with a series of songs with full band arrangements. High School friend Mitch Wyatt teamed up with Josh to produce a three song demo that would form the basis of what was then known as The Josh Hill Band. After playing a few shows with stand-in musicians, the two quickly realized the potential of a collective band. Following the recruitment of bassist, JD Carlson, the three decided on a more cohesive band name—The Josh Hill Band became known as Ellison. In June 2005 the trio stumbled across the band's newest member, Ian Bolender.

Their 2005 EP ("Indecisive and Halfhearted") and constant regional live shows caught the attention of J.T. Woodruff, lead singer of the gold record-selling band Hawthorne Heights. Woodruff launched his own record label, Carbon Copy Media, and in early 2006 signed Ellison as the first band to his fledgling label.

Say Goodnight, Sleep AloneEdit

Ellison's first full length album, "Say Goodnight, Sleep Alone" was released on August 22, 2006. The album is currently being distributed by Victory Records.


Past membersEdit


Studio AlbumsEdit

Title Album details
Say Goodnight, Sleep Alone
Color Of Compassion
Brighter Than Sunlight


Title Album details
Indecisive and Halfhearted



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