Artist: The Minus 5

Date Released: 1995

Label: East Side Digital

Produced By: Scott McCaughey


  1. Emperor Of The Bathroom (Video Mix)
  2. Heartache For Sale (Previously Unreleased)
  3. Story (Alternate Mix)
  4. Vulture (Take 2)(Alternate Version)
  5. This Little Woody (Previously Unreleased)


This EP is OK—the A-side (from Old Liquidator) is pretty good, and I like "This Little Woody" quite a bit too. The other tracks... eh, not so much, particularly the alternate version of "Vulture". Definitely not an essential release. Some of the b-sides showed up on the Hollywood version of Old Liquidator also, along with most of the Hello EP. The video for this song (not on the CD) is pretty cool and freaky though—dig the shot of the toothpaste tube being cut in half spliced with the footage of the thumb. Creepy! Not something you'd really expect from Scott McCaughey, except, you know, for the cool factor. Cause the dude is cool. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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