Enrico Ostendorf (* 21 october 1979 in Berlin, Germany) is a German DJ, radio host and music producer.

Biography Edit

Since the year 2000, he's running his Show Hitmix und Partyhitmix across Europe on 37 radio stations. It first was developed in the 1990s for German radio station Radio NRJ in Berlin. Some years later, Enrico Ostendorf was hosting his Hitmix show on 104.6 RTL.

In April 2001 Ostendorf suceeded by placing his Hitmix show widely across Europe.

Since 2008 Ostendorf is producer and radio host for his „Top 20 Hörercharts“ ("Top 20 listener's charts") for 14 German radio station.

Some of his productions are available on CD, named "DJ Enrico Ostendorf - In The Mix". Up to now, there are 12 editions published.

Private lifeEdit

Ostendorf is living in a city villa in Berlin where he also has his Studio.


Top 20 Hörercharts

The „Top 20 Hörercharts“ is based on listener's online votes

Radio station Broadcast days
Antenne Frankfurt 95.1 saturdays, 6 pm–8 pm
sundays, 6 pm–8 pm
Antenne Idar-Oberstein fridays, 6 pm–8 pm
Ostseewelle Hit-Radio fridays, 8 pm–10 pm
saturdays, 12 am–2 pm
Radio Cottbus saturdays, 4 pm–6 pm
sundays, 4 pm–6 pm
Radio Potsdam mondays, 8 pm–10 pm
saturdays, 12 am–2 pm
Radio Regenbogen saturdays, 6 pm–8 pm
Hitmix / Partyhitmix

The Hitmix consist of mixes running half an hour. So the radio stations mostly play two or more mixes, sometimes repeated.

Radio station Broadcast days
95.5 Charivari fridays 5 pm–4 am
saturdays, 7 pm–4 am
100,5 Das Hitradio saturdays, 6 pm–12 pm
Antenne Bad Kreuznach fridays, 8 pm–4 am
saturdays, 8 pm–12 pm
Antenne Idar-Oberstein fridays, 8 pm–4 am
saturdays, 8 pm–12 pm
Antenne Kärnten saturdays, 8 pm–2 am
Antenne Landau fridays and saturdays, 8 pm–12 pm
Antenne Mainz fridays, 7pm–11pm, saturdays 6pm–12pm
Antenne Steiermark saturdays, 8 pm–2 am
Antenne Vorarlberg daily Webradio broadcast
BB Radio fridays and saturdays, 8 pm–12 pm
Cityradio Trier fridays, 7 pm–11 pm
Ostseewelle Hit-Radio fridays, 22–5 Uhr
saturdays, 20–0 Uhr
Radio Cottbus saturdays, 8 pm–12 pm
Radio Kiepenkerl mondays to saturdays, 8 pm–9 pm (on weekends longer broadcasts reserved)
Radio Potsdam sundays, 12 pm–4 am und 8 pm–12 pm
Radio Regenbogen saturdays, 8 pm–1 am
Radio RZ1 fridays und saturdays, 8 pm–12 pm
Radio SAW sundays, 12 pm–4 am

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