File:Erotica4 200.jpg
File:"Erotica" - Madonna

Erotica features Madonna as a mask-wearing dominatrix; interspersed are scenes from the making of the Sex book. The American MTV aired it a total of three times (all of these in the "safe harbor") due to its highly charged sexual content, and was eventually Madonna's second video to be banned from airing by that channel. There are two versions of the video - the "standard" version which contained no nudity was released in the United States (it can be viewed on Madonna's official web page); and a more explicit version of the video was released only in Europe and Australia, which contained full-frontal nudity of Madonna and variation in the editing. The video was ranked #16 on VH1's "50 Sexiest Video Moments".

Naomi Campbell, Isabella Rossellini, and Big Daddy Kane appeared in the video.

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