The Eurovision Song Contest 1970 was the 15th Eurovision Song Contest and was held on 21 March 1970 in Amsterdam. The program was presented by Willy Dobbe.Of the 12 participating countries Ireland won with the song "All kinds of everything", performed by Dana. This song gained 32 points, 23.5% of the total number of points.The United Kingdom was second with 26 points, followed by Germany in third place with 12 points.

During the dress rehearsal in a collapsed part of the stage, but during the broadcast everything went fine. [1]


[hide]*Interlude 1


The interlude was filled with the Don Lurio dancers from Amsterdam.

Points Count[Edit]Edit

Voice Structure[Edit]Edit

Just like last year, each country had 10 jury members who each gave 1 point to a song. Votes on one's own country is not allowed[2][3]. After the four winners at the festival of 1969 there was a new rule: in the case of a tie the countries on number one would occur again. The other countries would then choose their favourite song. Completely waterproof was the rule not: If after the second ballot would be a tie for first place, still remained that way. [3]

Score keeping[Edit]Edit

The participating countries in the Dutch were on the Board. For each country, the number of the action. The United Kingdom was listed as Great Britain. Behind each country was also the country code such as those used on cars. Behind each country was the total number of points. The given items were placed behind the country name and then added to the total of the country equal. During the voting was the host at a desk under the scoreboard.


The juries were called up in order of occurrence. The representative of the country called the country and the number of points in the English or French. The host repeated this. Then called the presenter the country and runs in the other language. In French the word became used points while English talked about votes.


[1]Dana sings the winning number All kinds of everything during the Eurovision Song Contest 1970

After the second last vote, those of Germany, it was actually clear that Ireland was the winner. Ireland had 32 points. The difference with the United Kingdom was 9 points. It was possible to 9 points to give to one country (Belgium had given Ireland nine points), but Ireland seemed to be the whole points count for a given role. The Irish jury President joked that he was very happy before he passed the points. After 1 point to both Belgium Switzerland as it was clear: Ireland could not be more caught up.


Place Country Artist (s) Song Points
1 [2]


Dana All kinds of everything 32
2 [3]

United Kingdom

Mary Hopkin Knock, knock who's there? 26
3 [4]


Katja Ebstein Wunder gibt es immer wieder 12
4 [5]


Julio Iglesias Wendel 8


Guy Bonnet Marie Blanche 8


Henri Dès Return 8
7 [8]


Hearts of Soul Aquarius 7
8 [9]


Jean Vallée Viens l'oublier 5


Gianni Morandi Occhi di ragazza 5


Dominique Dussault Marlène 5
11 [12]


Eva Sršen Pridi, dala ti bom cvet 4
12 [13]


David Alexandre Winter Je suis tombé du ciel 0


Belgium and Netherlands[Edit]Edit

[14]Katja Ebstein during her first of three Eurovision performances. They also took part in 1971 and 1980

Belgium was represented by Jean Vallée with Viens l'oublierNetherlands was represented by Hearts of Soul with Aquarius. Because the Eurovision rules not yet provided for performing groups, the group name for the festival was temporarily changed to "Patricia and The Hearts of Soul"

Old acquaintances[Edit]Edit

This was the first year that no artist took office that was there for the second time, even though Stella M by Hearts of Soul the year before in the background vocals of Lenny Kuhr had stood. She would later return and also Guy BonnetJean Vallée and Katja Ebstein would still make a comeback. Isabelle Aubret ventured In France and Noëlle Cordier again their chance, but they failed. Kirsti Sparboe who had represented Norway 3 times already wanted to go this time for Germany, but they could not win.

National choices[Edit]Edit

Dana winner from Ireland, had taken part in the last year Irish preselection. Spain was represented by the now world-famous Julio Iglesias.

Countries that did not take part[Edit]Edit

These countries withdrew in protest against the State of affairs concerning the Eurovision Song Contest 1969, with not one but four winners had come off the bus. [1Portugal had already chosen as an artist and a song only. Austria was in 1969 even though stayed at home, because it did not want to attend another country with a dictator as head of State.

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