Evanescence is an alternative rock/metal band fromLittle Rock, Arkansas. Originally known as Striken and Childish Intentions, the group garnered major success with the hit single "Bring Me to Life" and the album Fallen. Evanescence currently consists of Amy Lee (vocals and piano), John LeCompt, Terry Balsamo (guitar) and Rocky Gray (drums), and former members include co-founder Ben Moody, David Hodges, and William Boyd, who recently dropped out to spend more time with his family. Following Fallen was the live album Anywhere But Home. The Open Door was released in October 2003.

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  • Origin
  • Fallen
  • Anywhere But Home
  • The Open Door
  • Evanescence


  • Evanescence EP
  • Sound Asleep/Whisper EP
  • Mystary EP


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