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Artist: The Mr. T Experience

Album: Our Bodies, Ourselves

Appears On (Mixes): Wally's Novelty Mix: She Yo-Yos Me and I Yo-Yo Her Back

Song Notes: I like this song a lot. It was actually the song that got me into MTX. I saw them live opening for Reel Big Fish, and at first I wasn't too into them, but then the bass amp went out, so Dr. Frank had to do a song solo, and he ended up doing this one, and I basically walked out knowing that I HAD to have this record. A weird thing, though—apparently one time after a show, someone came up to Dr. Frank and said that they really liked this song, but didn't know who Hitler was. After making sure they weren't kidding (which I assume involved asking "You're kidding, right? No, seriously, you're kidding, right?!") he explained it as such -- "You ever watch Hogan's Heroes? [They had] Well, it's a lot like that, only Much Much Worse." Which, you know, makes sense. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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