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Every Man Has a Woman is a tribute album to Yoko Ono for her 50th birthday. It contains covers of her songs from the albums Approximately Infinite Universe (1973), Double Fantasy (1980), Season of Glass (1981), and It's Alright (I See Rainbows) (1982). The album was purportedly one of John Lennon's projects, but he died before he could see its completion. The liner notes for the vinyl LP feature an essay by Ono entitled "A Crystal Ball".

Another tribute album to Ono in a similar vein entitled Yes, I'm a Witch was released to very positive reviews in 2007, featuring such artists as PeachesCat Power and The Flaming Lips.

Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. "Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him" – 3:32 - John Lennon
  2. "Silver Horse" – 3:07 - Harry Nilsson
  3. "I'm Moving On" – 2:47 - Eddie Money
  4. "Nobody Sees Me Like You Do" – 3:23 - Rosanne Cash
  5. "Dogtown" – 3:26 - Alternating Boxes
  6. "Goodbye Sadness" – 3:22 - Roberta Flack
  7. "Walking on Thin Ice" – 3:46 - Elvis Costello and The Attractions (with The TKO Horns)
  8. "Wake Up" – 2:22 - Trio
  9. "Dream Love" – 3:46 - Harry Nilsson
  10. "Now or Never" – 3:44 - Spirit Choir
  11. "Loneliness" – 3:42 - Harry Nilsson
  12. "It's Alright" – 2:27 - Sean Lennon


  • "Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him" (John Lennon) / "It's Alright" (Sean Lennon) (7")
  • "Silver Horse" / "Dream Love" (Harry Nilsson) (7")
  • "Loneliness" (Harry Nilsson) (7")
  • "Dogtown" (Alternating Boxes) (12")

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