Artist: Free Moral Agents

Date Released: June 22, 2004

Label: GSL

Produced By:


  1. Everybody's Favorite Weapon
  2. Lay Down
  3. Underwater Reverb
  4. Omar on a Swing
  5. What's Your Bloodgauge?
  6. Gem from a Broken Rock
  7. I Travel
  8. Talk Show Host
  9. Disjointed Love Song
  10. I Travel (Remix)
  11. Lay Down


I first came across Isaiah “Ikey” Owens’ (The Mars Volta, Sublime) side project about 6 months ago when he released a split with another GSL artist, Subtitle. On the 12’’ was experimental hip-hop that was decent, but not quite there just yet. With much anticipation I grabbed Everybody's Favorite Weapon to see if he reached his potential. To my surprise, there is very little hip-hop at all from the keyboard player, instead this is experimentations with lounge and avant-jazz music. It is mostly down-tempo with each track falling apart then reassembling itself by the end of the song. While there is cohesiveness as a whole, it’s hard to tell within each track, enlisting a wide assortment of instrumentation (flutes, trumpets, bells, etc) and influences (eastern music, flamenco-jazz, dub, hip-hop). There is definite potential here, but Owens seems to still be nailing down his sound. I’ll be, once again, looking forward to the next attempt. Michael Ardaiolo

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