"Everybody's Problem" is the second single by English alternative rock band Pulp, released in 1983.

"Everybody's Problem"/"There Was" demonstrated a style shift advised by Red Rhino's Tony Perrin who had convinced Cocker that he "could write commercial songs like Wham!".[1] This approach also failed and Cocker was becoming unhappy with his chosen musical direction. He was set to break up the band and go to university himself before a practice with Russell Senior (violin, guitar, vocals) and Magnus Doyle (drums) led to the establishment of a new, more experimental, artier and noisier direction for Pulp. They were subsequently augmented by Peter Mansell (bass) and Tim Allcard (keyboards, saxophone, poetry).

Neither "Everybody's Problem" or "There Was" featured on the original release of the first album It. However, both were later included as bonus tracks on the deleted CD reissue of the album in 1994. The single is a collector's item, and both songs are today extremely rare to find.

Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. "Everybody's Problem" – 3:13
  2. "There Was..." – 3:31

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