Everybody (Backstreet's Back) is a Backstreet Boys song released in 1997.

Music Video SynopsisEdit

It parodies the horror film genre. When their bus breaks down, their driver insists that the group spend a night at a haunted house. They "wake up" and found themselves turned into various monsters: Brian into a werewolf; Howie as Dracula; Nick, a mummy; A.J. as Phantom of the Opera; and Kevin as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

The monsters, shown both individually and together on a dance floor, dance and feast in the haunted house in a comical way, with zombie backup singers accompanying the group. They partied in the house until a lightning strikes and they "wake up" one by one and gather together to discuss their "dreams", parodying the plot of classic horror films. Howie tells them "Let's just get outta here", but as they reach the door, they were met by the driver, dressed as a monster. They scream, and the video ends.


  • Key: Bb minor
  • Length: 4:51
  • Genre: Pop
  • Released: 1997
  • Album: Backstreet's Back


Country Peak
Flag of Australia Australia 3
Flag of Austria Austria 2
Flag of Belgium Belgium (Flanders) 5
Flag of Belgium Belgium (Wallony) 5
Flag of Finland Finland 4
Flag of France France 26
Flag of Germany Germany 2
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania 1
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 5
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand 6
Flag of Norway Norway 4
Flag of Sweden Sweden 4
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 2
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 3
Flag of the United States United States 86

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