Artist: Alan Astor

Date Released: April 5, 2005

Label: Mental Monkey

Produced By:


  1. Fantastic Fantasy
  2. There's No Shame
  3. Astral America
  4. Dragons and Beasts
  5. The World is a Lot
  6. Segue Out of the World
  7. Play the Night Away
  8. Power after Hours
  9. Baby Don't Let Me Make it to Monday
  10. I Couldn't Have Survived Without You
  11. Fantastic Fantasy (Remix 1)
  12. Fantastic Fantasy (Remix 2)


Have you ever wondered what if Tom Jones was cool? Hell, have you ever wondered what if Tom Jones was into electroclash and had the unreachable pop aspirations of David Bowie? Well here is your answer, a thin, bearded twenty-something trying to make his way in New York City named Alan Astor. As a teen, he traveled the east coast playing saxophone in psychedelic free-jazz group; later he moved to Austin and emerged himself in experimental electronica and the whole rave/club/constant house party thing. But Astor did not really find himself until he pulled his tired body out of a drug-induced depression with a hermetic obsession with musical innovation and lyrical self-exploration. The result is this album, an uplifting and extremely fun group of songs that is as much inspired by David Bowie as it is Cher. With a stage show that is dominated by 80s electronics and sexual performance art, Alan Astor is just waiting to be slated the next big thing and take over the music industry. Michael Ardaiolo