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Evolution Meanders is a independent two piece Instrumental band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Their music consists of drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, various other percussion instruments and draws from genres ranging from post-punk, rock, psychedelic, folk. and others.

Band members include Charlotte Mongraw on drums and bass guitar, and Matthew Mongraw on guitar and baritone guitar.

Their music is all instrumental, incorporating complex time signatures, long ambient musical buildups, and sonic landscapes which take the listener on a journey.

They formed their band in the summer of 2008.

Both members have been involved in numerous other musical and artistic endeavours throughout the local area of Halifax and Canada as well including - Play Guitar, Windomearle, S.S. Cardiacs, Inertia, Juan Love, Jeff Coll 5, Suffragette City, Chain rule, Sarah Macneil, Genevieve Leblanc, and many others...

they released their debut self titled E.P. in 2009 .They have since released 3 full length albums - the first was titled February 13th,2010 and 2nd was Junebug. They have recently release their 4th album titled The Spots Between The Thoughts.

all proceedes from both releases as well as any performances will continue to be donated to charity.


Charlotte Mongraw - Drums, Trombone, Bass.

Matthew Mongraw - Baritone Guitar, Guitar,



  • February 13th, 2010 (2010)
  • Junebug (2012)
  • The Spots Between The Thoughts (2013)


Self Titled (2009)

The Subtle Realm (2014)



Ok, Hi!!!

Failure to Thrive v.s. Total Reformation

A Shadow on The Mountainside

Crepuscular Rays

Vision Quests

The Wind is Yours - Welcome it

The What

Are You?

The Meeting of Ground and Path


Mon Amour, Mon Amie

Deer Pursued

Monday Bloody Monday

The Sunset of Our 20's

The Lee of The Valley



Lee Lee

Nothing Ever Stays The Same


Great Expectations

Perfectly Spaced

The Echo Said Your Name


Minuet Of The Dark Messiah


The "What"


Tener Duende

Paradise Left


Post-Reunion Vibe

Wild Counterpart

Prolonged Adolescence

The Holy Spirit Ain't Got A Pen

Scenes Of Violence

Clearing The Blind Spot

And The Night Was On!

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