Fading Lights is the twelfth and final song on the album We Can't Dance by Genesis. It is also one of the last songs that would include Phil Collins as a member of the progressive rock group. The song was written by Tony Banks, Phil Collins, and Mike Rutherford. It is also the longest song on the album. The lyrics were written by Tony Banks.

The drum machine loop at the beginning of the song was sampled and used on the song "I Love You...I'll Kill You" by the musical project Enigma on their second album, The Cross of Changes.


The song was played live during the band's 1992 The Way We Walk[1] tour. It also appears on their DVD The Way We Walk - Live in Concert. During the band's 2007 reunion tour the song was played as they left the stage at the conclusion of their performance. This can be seen on the When In Rome concert DVD.

A remixed version of the song was released on the We Can't Dance album featured in the SACD/DVD re-releases.

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