Fairport Convention is a British folk rock band, formed around 1967. Their first appearance was in a church in May 1967. The band is considered a pioneer of the English variant of the folk rock, a style that was until then grafted on the whole American folk artists such as Bob Dylan. With medieval ballads as Matty Groves (13th century) and her music was influenced by the English and Celtic folk Fairport Convention an example for many bands in England and beyond. Fairport Convention has undergone countless changes of occupation and is in more traditional folk play over the years. Well-known artists who have played with the band include Sandy DennyRichard Thompson and Iain Matthews.


[hide]*1 History


The band originally consisted of Richard Thompson (guitar), Iain Matthews (vocals and guitar), Simon Nicol (guitar), Ashley Hutchings (bass), Judy Dyble (vocals) and Martin Lamble (drums). The first album from 1968contains on American-style folk rock, including cover versions of two songs by Joni Mitchell. Also the second album What We Did on Our Holidays from 1969 contains some covers but has a less American sound. SingerJudy Dyble is replaced on this album by Sandy Denny (ex-Strawbs). Matthews left the group after this album. That same year he released the groundbreaking album Unhalfbricking. The American influences in the sound virtually disappeared and play English-influenced, a lead role. The originating from the album single Si Tu Dois Partir, a French-language version of Bob Dylan's If You Gotta Go, became a hit. Short time after this, the band suffered a traffic accident in which Lamble was killed.

On the successor Liege & Lief Lamble is replaced by Dave Mattacks and the band expanded with violinist Dave Swarbrick, who fulfilled a guest role on the predecessor already. The album is regarded as a highlight in the folk rock genre and new medieval music. Sandy Denny and Ashley Hutchings left the group after this. Denny Fotheringay the group founded on, Hutchings Steeleye Span. Hutchings was replaced by Dave Peggin Fairport. Sandy Denny was not replaced; Instead, names the other members on Full House from 1970 the vocals on their behalf.

Thompson also stepped on after Full House . Despite the loss of some key members became it in 1971 released album Angel Delight the biggest commercial success for the band. End 1971, after the appearance of the well received by critics but poorly selling concept album Babbacombe Lee, also the last left Simon Nicol the oer-member group. In the subsequent period, although the band continued to exist but they had lost much of its former glory and popularity. The group led by Swarbrick now more traditional music-making.

Sandy Denny returned In 1974 for two years back at the group, where her husband Trevor Lucas then joined for some time. The album Rising for the Moon from 1975 -with drummer Bruce Rowland instead of Mattacks) exists for the most part numbers that are written by it and is considered to be the last attempt of Fairport Convention to as a contemporary band to sound. When Denny leaves the Group again the popular, along with Lucas and Thompsons successor Jerry DonahueFairport, is all but dead. Also the return of Simon Nicol in 1976 could (despite two strong albums published afterwards) fails; in 1979 , the band was lifted, after a farewell concert in Cropredy in Oxfordshire. Bassist Pegg rolled straight in the arena-rock as a member of Jethro Tull; Nicol and Swarbrick performed together on the respectively in folkclubs and individually as a member of The Albion Band (from FC-founder Ashley Hutchings) and of the acoustic band Whippersnapper.

In the following years, annually on the same place former members came together for a reunion concert, an opportunity which soon grew into a popular folk festival. New albums from 1985 published by the band, which now consisted of Refoundation officially Nicol, Pegg, Mattacks and supplemented with new members Ric Sanders (violin, ex-Soft Machine) and multi-instrumentalist Maartin Allcock. This occupation would be the most stable in the history of the band turn out, and the next 11 years remained unchanged.

Allcock left the Group In 1996 to be replaced by Chris Leslie (including ex-Whippersnapper, the post-FC Dave Swarbrick's band, and ex-The Albion Band) drummer shortly thereafter followed by Mattacks, which in turn was replaced by veteran Gerry Conway, previously played in EclectionFotheringay (with Sandy Denny), Jethro Tull and Pentangle. He was also the drummer of Cat Stevens.

In this occupation, the group still on and still appear albums.

Experience In 2007 Fairport her 40-year anniversary and a new album in the pipeline.


In 2005 existed Fairport Convention from:

  • Simon Nicol (guitar, vocals): 1967-1971, 1976-1979, 1985-
  • Dave Pegg (bass, mandolin, vocals): 1970-1979, 1985-
  • Ric Sanders (violin): 1985-
  • Chris Leslie (fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki, vocals): 1996-
  • Gerry Conway (drums and percussion): 1998-

Most important ex-members:

  • Ashley Hutchings (bass): 1967-1969; hereinafter in Steeleye Span and The Albion Band
  • Richard Thompson (guitar, vocals); 1967-1970; hereinafter referred to as solo and duo with wife Linda Thompson
  • Judy Dyble (vocals): 1967-1968
  • Iain Matthews (vocals): 1967-1969; hereinafter in Matthews Southern Comfort and Plainsong
  • Martin Lamble (drums): 1967-1969
  • Sandy Denny (vocals): 1968-1970, 1974-1975; further solo in 1970 in Fotheringay, dies on 21 april 1978.
  • Dave Swarbrick (violin, vocals): 1969-1979
  • Dave Mattacks (drums): 1969-1975, 1985-1998
  • Bruce Rowland (drums): 1975-1979
  • Trevor Lucas (guitar, vocals): 1972-1975
  • Jerry Donahue-guitar (1972-1975)
  • Maartin Allcock (div instruments): 1985-1996


  • 1968 Fairport Convention
  • 1969 What We Did on Our Holidays
  • 1969 Unhalfbricking
  • 1969 Liege & Lief
  • 1970 Full House
  • 1970 Live at the L.A. Troubadour
  • 1971 Angel Delight
  • 1971 Babbacombe Lee
  • 1972 The History Of Fairport Convention
  • 1973 Rosie
  • 1973 Nine
  • 1974 Fairport Live Convention
  • 1975 Rising for the Moon
  • 1976 Gottle O'Geer
  • 1977 The Bonny Bunch of Roses
  • 1978 Tipplers Tales
  • 1979 Farewell Farewell
  • 1985 Gladys Leap
  • 1986 Expletive Delighted
  • 1987 Heyday
  • 1987 In Real Time
  • 1989 Red And Gold
  • 1990 The Five Seasons
  • 1992 Fairport Convention 25th Anniversary Concert
  • 1995 Jewel in the Crown
  • 1996 Old New Borrowed Blue
  • 1997 Who Knows Where the Time Goes
  • 1998 The Cropredy Box (Old Boys ' XVI-1997 Season)
  • 1999 The Wood and the Wire
  • 1999 Cropredy 98
  • 2000 AT2/The Boat
  • 2001 Fairport Convention XXXV
  • 2004 Over the Next Hill
  • 2004 The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood (Live at The Cropredy Festivals 1986 and 1987)
  • 2007 Sense of Occasion
  • 2011 Festival Bell

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Si Tu Dois Partir, Va-t-en 1455 - 1281 1864 - - - - - - - - - - -

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