Fake Songs
Studio album by Liam Lynch
Released April 1, 2003
Recorded  ???
Genre Comedy Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock
Length 36:57
Language English
Label Global Warming
Liam Lynch chronology
We're All Nighters
Fake Songs
How to Be a Satellite
Fake Songs is the 2003 album by comedic musician/director Liam Lynch. The album is known for Liam's 2002 top 10 hit single "United States of Whatever" from 2002. Ringo Starr, former drummer for The Beatles, played drums on a few tracks. Some editions of the album came with a bonus DVD of old home movies Liam made. The track "Still Wasted from the Party Last Night" was released as a single EP, and a video for it was featured in Liam's future podcast Lynchland.

The "Fake Songs"Edit

Through out the album, Liam made songs known as the "fake songs". Basically, there songs that are supposed to sound like an artist, such as the Pixies or Talking Heads. Liam mention them as "musical caricatures". There are also afew other "fake songs" that we're not included in the album, they are:

The "Fake White Stripes Song" and "Fake Beatles Song" we're both featured on Lynchs website. Both of the Fake Bob Dylan songs were released on Liam Lynchs podcast, Lynchland, and was in his album More Songs from Lynchland. "Fake Beatles Song" was originally written as a joke, he wrote it for a Beatles cover band named "The Fab Four". They were going to play the song live, saying that it was an "unreleased song by The Beatles".

Bonus DVD - Fake MoviesEdit

On some editions of the album, it came with a bonus DVD entitled Fake Movies. The disc includes music videos, skits, and home movies made by Liam himself. Some of the material would later re-appear on Liam's future podcast, Lynchland. Examples include "Flyz" and the Rapbot music video.

Track ListingEdit

All songs written and composed by Liam Lynch. 
No. Title Length
1. "SOS"   2:19
2. "United States of Whatever"   1:29
3. "Fake Bjork Song"   2:21
4. "Still Wasted from the Party Last Night"   1:56
5. "Cuz You Do"   2:22
6. "I'm Bloody Inside"   1:15
7. "Electrian's Day"   2:15
8. "Rapbot"   1:16
9. "Fake David Bowie Song"   1:32
10. "Rock and Roll Whore"   1:55
11. "Sugar"   1:30
12. "Fake Pixies Song"   1:43
13. "Happy"   0:59
14. "Well Hung"   1:53
15. "Fake Depeche Mode Song"   1:35
16. "Try Me"   2:09
17. "Vulture's Song"   2:33
18. "Horny Kind of Love"   1:40
19. "Fake Talking Heads Song"   2:29
20. "Sir Track"   1:35
Total length:

Bonus DVDEdit


  • Ringo Starr plays drums on tracks "Cuz You Do" and "Vulture's Song"
  • Jack Black, from Tenacious D, plays on the track "Rock and Roll Whore"
  • The tracks "Cuz You Do" and "Try Me" were previously released from Liam's second album, We're All Nighters.

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