Label: Flameshovel

Produced By:


  1. Lying in States - Most Every Night
  2. The Race - Rose
  3. The Narrator - All are Assassins
  4. Make Believe - Temping as a Shaman
  5. Low Skies - Sad Hymns
  6. Che Arthur - Sunrise Hotel
  7. Lying in States - Fall or Stumble
  8. The Race - Can Get Home
  9. Low Skies - Margaret
  10. Che Arthur - The Black Hills
  11. The Narrator - The Cavaliers
  12. The Joggers - Hot Autism
  13. The Natural History - Watch this House
  14. Low Skies - Five's Gone Quiet


Deep within the industrial powerhouse that is Chicago lies a small basement filled with tour posters and rough demos of indie-rock hopefuls. Welcome to Flameshovel Records, home of creative rock outfits like Make Believe, The Race and Lying in States. One part Jesse Woghin, one part James Kenler and one part A&R genius-ness, the small Chicago label has compiled a very impressive roster in only 4 years of existence. This comp features a song or two from about half of their line-up, and its Chicago indie-rock at its finest. All of the bands share the local sound, but each have their own unique way of presenting. My personal favorite is the raw and urgent Make Believe who is headed by Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc, Owls, Cap n' Jazz). This comp is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are already in tune with Chicago’s music scene. Mpardaiolo

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