False Mirror is a German Dark Ambient project formed by Tobias Hornberger in 2006. The artist is most notable for his unique way of sound design using custom-developed software and his focus on organic sounds and field recordings, but is also known to employ acoustic instruments like flutes, accordion or gongs.[1] His music has been described as "deep and tranquil" and "full of highly visionary soundscapes".[2]




  • (2009) Entropy Reversed (with Phelios) (audiophob)


  • (2007) "Dark Matter Research" on V/A - Differential Potential
  • (2007) "And There Was A Sound As Of Like Big Syrupy Things" on V/A - Desert Space
  • (2007) "Inner Sargasso" on V/A - New World Order
  • (2008) "The City Of Dreaming Ruins" on V/A - krachcom.pilation 1
  • (2008) "Enlil" on V/A - Dark Ambient Radio Vol.1
  • (2008) "Nebelhorn Mountain" on V/A - Perceived Distances
  • (2009) "Invisible Fear" on V/A - Dark Ambient Radio Vol.2


False Mirror uses the custom tangible interface GRID in live-performances. GRID comprises a camera and an image-processing unit as well as a sound synthesis environment called WAVE. The control concept is similar to Reactable, but it uses common toy blocks instead of special objects. It is still under development and not available for public testing yet.[3][4]


  • Windscape uses additive synthesis and is controlled via a matrix.
  • Waterscape is a granular sampling tool and was created for the WaterScape concert by Tobias Hornberger.


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